The global leader in MEMS resonator research and development to the global timing and frequency control market. KYOCERA Tikitin is a part of the global Kyocera corporation.

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KYOCERA Tikitin changes the timing market with MEMS resonators

The roots of KYOCERA Tikitin lie in the extensive research in Finland since 1999. Tikitin was founded in 2016 to commercialize that research in Espoo Otaniemi Finland. In 2019 Tikitin joined Kyocera and it became the KYOCERA Tikitin responsible for the development of silicon MEMS resonators to the global timing market.

Today KYOCERA Tikitin is launching the first products to the global market. Our work is centered around the state of the art clean room at Micronova where we work side by side with experts from other companies. We are a team of global experts with different skills but a single goal. This is the workplace to be in if you want to excel in MEMS development.

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Project Manager/Senior Project Manager

We are looking for an experienced Project Manager/Senior Project Manager who can plan and execute the timely completion of key technical milestones necessary for the successful ramp-up and manufacturing of timing MEMS for the consumer and automotive electronics markets.

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KYOCERA Tikitin – 2023 outlook

2022 was a remarkable year. We made progress in all areas including technology maturation, ramping up the mass manufacturing and finally in the global team working with our technology. We found the optimum where the core competencies of KYOCERA Tikitin in Finland meet with the core competencies and capabilities of KYOCERA Corporation.

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Process engineering team works with challenging technical problems

KYOCERA Tikitin process engineering team is a great place to work for talented thin film processing specialists. Problems are solved and success is celebrated together.

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