Kyocera Tikitin

The global leader in MEMS resonator research and development to the global timing and frequency control market. Kyocera Tikitin is a part of the global Kyocera corporation.

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Kyocera Tikitin Oy changes the timing market with MEMS resonators

The roots of Kyocera Tikitin Oy lie in the extensive research in Finland since 1999. Tikitin was founded in 2016 to commercialize that research in Espoo Otaniemi Finland. In 2019 Tikitin joined Kyocera and it became the Kyocera Tikitin Oy responsible for the development of silicon MEMS resonators to the global timing market.

Today Kyocera Tikitin Oy is launching the first products to the global market. Our work is centered around the state of the art clean room at Micronova where we work side by side with experts from other companies. We are a team of global experts with different skills but a single goal. This is the workplace to be in if you want to excel in MEMS development.

Kyocera Corporation

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Summer 2022 at Kyocera Tikitin

Every summer Kyocera Tikitin employs young talents to be part of MEMS development, and the summer of 2022 was no exception.

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Program Managers lead Kyocera Tikitin to the future

Being a program manager at Kyocera Tikitin is all about planning, execution, and leading teams to make the right solutions. The hectic work consists of meetings, grasping the daily variables, foreseeing the changes and challenges, and helping teams to surpass them.

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The multicultural company attracts motivated expatriates – What do Finland and Japan have in common?

When business is based on high technology and future inventions, we do not limit competence in local high-tech professionals. On the contrary, we gather experts from all around the globe. Kyocera Tikitin is a very multicultural working community.

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